Vastu For Health

Vastu For Health

Vastu For Health

Ensure there is enough sunlight and air circulation in the house. In situations where that is not possible, keep the interiors well-lit by using bright lights.

Vastu dosha in the South East zone could lead to people suffering from kidney diseases.

Females may suffer from various diseases if there is a basement, water tank, main door or low height construction in the South zone.

Vastu dosha in the North West zone can lead to various infectious diseases and seasonal change illnesses for the family members of a house.

Make it a habit to light a candle in the fire direction, i.e. southeast or northwest, every day. It’s a beautiful way to illuminate the darkness.

Lord Hanuman is the protector of health. Keep an image of Lord in your pooja room or anywhere in your home. Just make sure that it faces the south to ensure the good health of the family.

Center area of the home means "Brahmasthan", this would be the meeting point of all the energies from different directions of the home. Brahmasthan should not be depressed. Heavy objects, wells, lifts, stairs, and toilets are totally prohibited in the Brahmasthan.

If you or any of your family member suffering with health problems, check Southeast, South, Southwest and west direction, there should be some problems in such directions and observe certain precautions and particularly observe the Vastu defects at house.